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How to install OTRS(Open-source Ticket Request System) in Linux

In this article we will learn how to install OTRS 3.2 on  rhel-6 step-by-step Minimum prerequisites A basic install of RHEl-6 with these settings: SELinux is set to permissive. Firewall must have HTTP as trusted or firewall turned off. OTRS … Continue reading

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Configuring Email notification for zabbix

Initially, Zabbix has several predefined notification delivery methods (media types). Email is one of those. Email configuration can be found under Menu → Administration → Media types. Click on Email in the list of pre-defined media types. Set correct SMTP … Continue reading

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How to monitor Linux Servers with zabbix

Monitoring Linux Servers with zabbix Installing the Zabbix Agent on a Linux Server 1. Before we install the agent, let’s start by setting up the host in Zabbix. In the Zabbix web-interface, go to Configuration –> Hosts –> Create Host. … Continue reading

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Installing Zabbix on CentOS/RedHat- Part2

Installing the Web frontend We have Zabbix Server and Agent installed and running on our server, we can control the them with services and they startup each time the machine boots into runlevel 3 or 5 but we still don’t … Continue reading

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Installing Zabbix on CentOS/RedHat

     Installing Zabbix on CentOS/RedHat using source code Setting up the user accounts The Zabbix server and client both need a user account that they can run on, so may as well set this up first. This also needs to … Continue reading

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How to install cacti in linux

Configure Cacti Network Graphing Tool Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database. The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being … Continue reading

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How to install Centreon in rhel6

How to configure centreon frontend for nagios in rhel6 First of all add rpmforge repository to your yum to download centreon related rpms to your system as these rpms are not present in rhel6 dvd. Make sure your nagios is … Continue reading

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